The Journey to Trad Witchcraft

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The Traditional Craft

Becoming a Traditional Crafter, a Traditional Witch, is a very personal journey. Finding guidance, advice, and the details of what to do is not easy. In our hope to provide good information, we have created a comprehensive Course on the fundamentals of our beliefs, our spirituality, our practices, and our customs used in this Trad, or denomination, of Traditional Witchcraft of the British Isles.

This Course includes the techniques of spellcrafting and spellworking, the creating and casting spells correctly, based on our traditions of the In the forest Traditionalist manner of The Traditional Craft. This is the real witchcraft, a modern version of British magical methods. This is not Wicca, which is a much newer religion based on foreign magical methods.

It is up to each one of us to decide what is meaningful to us and to go after it. But when it comes to Traditional Magic, it can be difficult locating reliable information that reflects today's practices that are within the parameters of The Old Craft.

I believe this eBook Course can help you along your personal journey. And while this is a British tradition, you need not be British or Irish or Celtic to become a Traditional Crafter, a Traditional Witch. You only need a desire to learn, and the dedication to study and train.

British witchcraft has always been a very personal expression of the heart, an expression of our love of Nature, our relationship to the spirits, and of respect for those that have come before us. It is a path with commonalities of practice that are particular to The Traditional Craft. I try to make these clear on in the course materials.

All those in The Old Craft evolve their practices and approach as time goes by. What I practice is based on my understanding of information I learned about the Traditional Craft when I lived in London, and information I have subsequently learnt over the years. I am not a Hereditary Witch.

This course teaches you how to become a Traditional Witch, or as we say a “Traditional Crafter”. You will learn our spiritual beliefs, our ritual practices, and our techniques used in the Magical Arts. We teach you what to do and how to do it. With practice your ability in using correct technique can flourish and grow and you can progress from a seeker to become a Traditional Crafter. Anyone with the discipline to practice can do it.

Learn The Mystical Secrets of Traditional Magic

a checkmark Learn the techniques used by Traditional Witches to cast spells.
a checkmark Learn the traditional ways of using magic for Self-Defence.
a checkmark Learn the techniques used in healing.
a checkmark Learn some of the techniques used in Divination by the magical power of Scrying and Lucid Dreaming.
a checkmark Learn to Create Your Own Magic Spells and Rituals. Step-by-step You will learn How To Do It, so You can become an Wordcrafter in your own right!
a checkmark And use this sacred knowledge to lead a Magical Life.

The Journey to Trad Witchcraft What is The Magical Life?

Being a Traditional Crafter (Traditional Witch) is an attitude towards daily life, and towards the Old Craft supports You in achieving your worthy goals. By applying Going Within (meditation and visualization) acquired in the FREE Mini-Course, You will have the foundation on which to expand these skills to wider knowledge and understanding gained through the eBook Course. In doing do, You will understand how to apply this knowledge one-step-at-a-time into your daily life in a constructive manner. The Magical Life is very much a way of living life's journey, of learning enabling skills and abilities, of expanding your awareness, and becoming part of the inner path of the Old Ways that mark the essence of Traditional Crafters.

The Journey to Trad Witchcraft eBook CourseThe Journey to Trad Witchcraft
eBook Course Contents:

The Journey to Trad Witchcraft Course is an eBook in PDF format.¹ It has 155 pages of detailed information and specific instructions with examples. It comes with a clickable Table of Contents which will allow you to locate every section easily. There is also a detailed Index.

But note: This is not Wicca! This is a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the Traditional Craft (Traditional Witchcraft of the British Isles).

The Course Includes:

Course contents A Table of Contents:
The Table of Contents has clickable links to quickly take you to each chapter, section, sub-section, and topic in the Course.
Course contents The Introduction:
An opening orientation, including The First Things to Do.
Course contents Chapter One ~ Traditionalist Concepts
The core beliefs, concepts and principles found in The Traditional Craft, including our Spirituality, the Gods, Spirits, Transmigration of the spirit (soul), Balance, Fate, and Familiars are among other topics that are discussed.
Course contents Chapter Two ~ Going Within
Beyond the Mini-Course, we cover new information and techniques.
Course contents Chapter Three ~ Full Moon Sabbat, & Festivals:
The celebrations and rituals, how to observe the Festivals, and the most common festivals are discussed.
Course contents Chapter Four ~ Ritual Tools:
The Crafter's tools are discussed, plus selecting and harvesting wood for a wand, staff or stang, and How to make them correctly.
Course contents Chapter Five ~ Rituals:
Various aspects of ritual are discussed.
Course contents Chapter Six ~ Magic:
Orientation and details of Spellcraft and Spellworking, including Talismans & Amulets.
Course contents Chapter Seven ~ Divination:
Introduction and some common methods that are used, including Water Scrying, Candle Scrying, Black Mirror Scrying, and How to Make a Scry Mirror.
Course contents Chapter Eight ~ Self-Dedication:
A suggested ritual you can use, if you wish.
Course contents Chapter Nine ~ Lexicon of Old Craft Terms:
In addition to the Glossary of Witchcraft Terms, on the Blue Moon Manor website.
Course contents Chapter Ten ~ Final Thoughts:
I have a few things to say about living The Magical life in today's world.
Course contents The Index:
A  detailed Index to help you locate every section quickly and easily.

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With my regards for your magical future,

Adrian Eglinton

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