Medicinal Plants:
A Natural Herbal Medicine Primer

medicinal plantI want to introduce my book on herbal remedies, Medicinal Plants: A Natural Herbal Medicine Primer. I have written this herbal primer to provide solid information that is easy to understand but filled with all the basic information necessary to be of practical use.

The herbal primer reviews 42 herbs that are commonly used by herbalists and each herb is well illustrated. Most of these herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and are indigenous to Britain and North America, or the Romans brought them to Britain hundreds of years ago. A few of the herbs have come to Britain (and North America) very lately, in the past hundred years, but are now widely used by herbalists throughout the English-speaking world.

The use of medicinal plants to treat health ailments is part of every culture on Earth. This long history of using Nature to treat illness has endured the test of time and is widely respected. Natural home herbal remedies work, they are effective, and they are available to everyone.

The use of herbs is a natural way to improve, fortify, and maintain your health. Herbal medicine when used correctly is completely safe, low-cost, it is all-natural, and there are far fewer side-effects than prescription medication.

The Medicinal Plants: A Natural Herbal Medicine Primer

eBook contents A fully clickable Table of Contents
The Table of Contents is complete with every chapter, chapter section, sub-section, and topic discussed in the eBook with clickable links to quickly take you to each chapter, section, sub-section, and topic in the eBook.
eBook contents Introduction: About Herbal Remedies
Including: Some Opening Thoughts • Buying Herbs in the Store in the USA • Quality Control in the EU • Laissez-Faire in the USA • Common Sense Precautions •
eBook contents Chapter One: Harvesting & Drying Herbs
Includes: Use Field Guides • Harvesting Herbs • Harvesting & Drying Flower Heads • Harvesting & Drying Seeds • Harvesting & Drying Berries & Fruit • Harvesting & Drying Leaves & Aerial Parts • Bottling & Storing Herbs • Harvesting & Drying Roots
eBook contents Chapter Two: Brewings & Doings
Includes: How to Brew an Herbal Tea (Hot Infusion) • How to Brew an Herbal Tea (Decoction) • How to Brew a Cool Herbal Drink • How to Brew an Herbal Maceration • Herbal Tinctures • Infused Oil for External Use • Selecting a Carrier Oil • Hot Infusion for External Use • Cold Infusion for External Use • Petroleum Product Use • How to Make a Cream • Standard Method: Using Vegetable Fat or Oil: • Preferred Method: Using Home-Made Organic Vegetable Ointment: • How to Make an Ointment • How to Make Power and Capsules • How to Make a Compress • How to Make a Poultice • How to Make Message Oil • Aromatherapy • Essential Oils • Methods of Aromatherapy Application.
eBook contents Chapter Three: General Dosing Guidelines
eBook contents Chapter Four: Medicinal Plants
Illustrated entry listings of 42 common herbal plants that includes basic information, common medicinal uses, authoritive recommended uses, general adult dosing information, and cautions for each herb. In addition and when appropriate,
    1) Aromatherapy use for those herbs used in Aromatherapy is provided, and,
    2) External (topical) medical uses and methods of treatment and application is provided as well as cautions on external use.
eBook contents Appendix: Ailment-Herb Index
Ailments, illnesses ,and medical conditions are listed with the lists of herbs normally used for these ailments. The Appendix is divided into Internal Uses and External Uses.
eBook contents The Index:
At the end of the eBook is a detailed general Index to help you locate every section, subsection, topic, and discussion quickly and easily by using the scrollbar.

Medicinal Plants: A Natural Herbal Medicine PrimerMedicinal Plants: A Natural Herbal Medicine Primer has 182 pages of information and instruction on herb harvesting and storage, how to use herbs, and a review of 42 of the most common herbs.

The eBook is in PDF format¹ and comes with a clickable Table of Contents for quickly and easily access. There is a detailed Ailment-Herb Index that allows you to locate the herbs used in treating ailments. There is also a detailed general Index that allows you to locate everything in the eBook.

I think you will find this herbal primer easy to use, nicely illustrated, and easy to understand. I wanted to create an herbal that is entertaining as well as factually accurate so it can be used as a reference. I hope you agree that I have succeeded.

I invite you to try it out. But if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can receive a 100% refund. This refund offer is available for a full two month period after your purchase.

With my regards,

Adrian Eglinton

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